Hanna Jungvid

Meet Hanna Jungvid: From managing organizations to driving digital transformations

Recently, we have gotten a chance to talk to Hanna Jungvid, a digitalization & transformation expert and entrepreneur. Hanna made a journey from production planner to driving IT transformation projects, starting as an employee and becoming a CEO and founder.

Hanna, tell us about yourself.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Work Science, organizational change, and labor market. I remember how I reflected as a student that we didn’t study much IT, and I felt that information technology would define the future. My curiosity started with a thought on how IT may change work for people. That’s when I decided to complete a course on IT governance and strategy at Gothenburg University.

What have you learned after studying IT?

I have surely broadened my perspective. Oftentimes when we talk about IT, we think about just programming. But it is so much more.

I learned how to assess an organization’s digital maturity and how well digital processes are defined. I have found a like-minded colleague, and we have decided to start a company. We concentrated on LinkedIn and contacted lots of organizations to see if we could help.

After that, we did so much more than the actual digital maturity. For example, I helped Stena Fastigheter set up new KPIs to measure digital transformation and helped Volvo Trucks to leverage master data to make dealers more findable.

Why did you want to start something of your own?

The idea developed over time. It all started as a summer job project since I wanted to explore the aspect of digital transformation more. After the summer, I found myself becoming an independent consultant. I like having control over my finances and being able to define the price for my expertise and services. I am my own boss and can decide what assignments to take.

What do you work on right now?

Apart from being a VP of Operations in my company, I am a project manager and product owner in the project on how to use master data and bring value from it for Volvo Trucks.

I lead development to modernize an existing business application and its organization. We currently introduce the user experience aspect in the product and make sure that the application is integrated with other systems. Basically, we are turning the existing application into something that will be useful for the audience and with minimal dependency issues.

What knowledge helps you with your current challenge?

What I work with now is very specific.

I learned strategies and how organizations work both within IT and outside. This background helps me a lot. Insights I’ve received from the analytics course help me analyze and compile information to be able to draw relevant conclusions.

Do you have any advice for WiTech members?

Before I entered the IT sector, I thought it was hard to understand what it was about. Now I know that it is not that difficult and is as open and exciting as any other sector. Don’t presume IT to be a closed world.

“Employers want people with different backgrounds and perspectives, and many employers are willing to have more diverse teams. I would say it’s more important than ever, asking questions and learning on the job are key parts of digital transformation.”

Hanna Jungvid

If you are curious – just take the first step. Mine was to take a course.

Try to get connections with people working in IT. This will allow you to enter the sphere more easily and get more insight into opportunities that may be interesting for you.

Top 3 sources of inspiration for you?

  • Awesome women leading change
  • Collaboration and exchanging ideas with others
  • A problem that needs solving

Who is your role model?

  • I try to pick up small learnings from all people I meet

City or Nature?

  • 100% Nature!

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