Goodie bag

WiTech Goodie bag #1 – Useful Links & Inspirational Articles

Autumn is a great time to start learning, exploring, and finding new inspiration. We have gathered a collection of useful links with articles, communities, and courses that we hope are interesting for you.

📝 Reports

What is the current state of female representation in tech? What challenges are there, and how do different companies tackle that? We have collected a few interesting reports for you:

Så vill Akavia öka jämställdheten i IT-branschen

Digitalspetskompetensen – Utmaningar och åtgärder för ökad jämställdhet inom IT sektorn

SHE Index powered by EY

TietoEvry – Being an IT Girl

Allbright – Branschrapporten 2020

Kodcentrum – Hur skapar vi balans i IT-branschen

📚 Courses

MDN Web docs – learn open web technologies
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
JSfiddle – Code Playground

MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials

En gratis online-kurs om grunderna i artificiell intelligens (

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Networks for developers

DEV Community

Sveriges största community för kvinnor intresserade av tech – Tjejer Kodar

This list is curated by WiTech’s board members. Would you like to share your sources of inspiration? Contact us via email, and we will include your tips in our next goodie bag for WiTech members.

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