Ida Lidholt

Meet Ida Lidholt: IT Woman of the Year, Linnéregion

We have had a chance to talk to Ida Lidholt, the winner of the IT Woman of the Year award 2023. 

What has the award “IT Woman of the Year” meant for you?

It has been great on a personal level to receive recognition for what I do and my knowledge within my field. It is also fun that e-sports is highlighted as part of the technology industry and an obvious actor in our era.

What reactions did you get after the recognition?

The response has been positive, and many people have contacted me whom I had not previously spoken to. Also, getting to know the other finalists has been great fun and educational, especially how they experience their everyday life.

Could you tell us about your way into the tech industry?

I had a non-conventional way into the tech industry. By hanging around with people who enjoyed games, I realized that my colleagues and I could actually make a living out of it.

What I want to emphasize is that what starts as a hobby can become knowledge you benefit from in your career later.

What will be your advice for the ones just considering a career in IT & Tech?

The tech industry is the future. We are living in the digital era, and the work opportunities and variety of jobs within this field will be massive in the future. 

Who are your role models?

I’ve never had a role model, but a person I want to give an extra thank you for everything she does to highlight women in the tech industry is the founder of the prize “Årets IT-kvinna” – Catarina Bachér. 
She works tirelessly to uplift other women, so the extra spotlight should also be on her!

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